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LiftSeat Battery Kit - 2 Batteries

LiftSeat Battery Kit - 2 Batteries

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LiftSeat Battery kit with spare battery includes 2 batteries, wall charger, and wall mounting bracket to use your LiftSeat via battery power all the time.

We recommend the battery kit if your bathroom does not have a conveniently located GFCI outlet to plug your LiftSeat unit into or if your toilet is located in a separate water closet with no outlet.

With 2 batteries, you can have one battery powering the unit while the other is being charged continuously on the wall charger.

We recommend swapping the batteries 2 times a week to maintain proper battery life.

A fully charged battery is rated for 50 up/down cycles of the LiftSeat. So even in a power outage, your LiftSeat should perform without any issues.